Surfing is a fun sport that is enjoyed by many people. There are many different types of surfboards for those that want to participate in this sport. There are a variety of boards that a person can choose from to fit their needs.
This board is thin and is just over six feet in length. These boards are usually easy to maneuver and work well with steep waves. The waves can range from one foot to eight feet in height. The board has a upturned nose and comes with two to four fins. These boards are short and narrow. A beginner should purchase a short board that is less than 100 pounds so they can build up some experience.
Big Wave Board
This board is also known as the gun surfboard. This board is nine feet in length and has more volume than other boards. This board is for serious and experienced surfers. It has a narrow tail as well as a narrow nose. This was designed to help the surfer have better control of the speed that they are going as well as increased navigation ability. This type of board is recommended for experienced surfers.

Longboard Surfboard
This surfboard was the traditional board that people in the Hawaiian Islands would use. There are now different boards that come in many different shapes ,sizes, as well as skill levels. This board is designed for those that want to have a traditional ride ad can be used o several different types of waves. This board will allow a person to not only ride the waves but enjoy being on top of the water. This board is great for both new and experienced surfers.
Fish Surfboard
This board has a profile that is similar to that of a fish. The board is shorter and wider than most. It has a stubby appearance and comes with two to three finds. This board is small to medium in size. Experienced surfers will enjoy using this board because they can ride waves that are slower to break. They will be able to paddle out and watch the waves as well. If a beginner is going to use this board they should look for one under 130 pounds.
These are just some of the different surfboards that are on the market. A person will want to choose a surfboard based o their skills levels ad what they are looking to do on the ocean water.